Eamonn Hannon

I attended a Java Programming (Beginners Course) for 10 weeks which was organised and facilitated by Rob Carrigan. Throughout this course I found Rob to be an excellent Java teacher. He thoroughly explained and simplified the concepts of exceptions, collections, abstract classes and interfaces for me and taught in an extremely comprehensive manner, using examples to demonstrate each concept, after which we got to code our own examples which further reinforced our learning. His use of Nearpod to show us his teaching slides and to upload our code made things very easy and the Kahoot quizzes at the end were very beneficial while also being fun and interesting. Thanks to Rob, I am now very well prepared for my upcoming exams in NUI Galway and he has also inspired me to pursue further learning in Java.

Geneci Cruz Ui Fhatharta

Rob was my instructor in a diploma java I undertook for 10 weeks in 2016. The course is organized by Fitzwilliam institute. Rob is a very approachable person. I found his material to explain the concept very simple, clear and easy to follow. In this way concept such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation was very easy to understand.

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