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Introductory Java Course (Level 1)

Day 1


Day 1 – Lesson part A – Writing your first program

Learning Objectives: java architecture, printing to the console, import statements, commenting code, Java values and variable types i.e int, byte, String, float etc , declaring and initializing variables

Lesson breakdown: This lessons will start by teaching the main concepts of java, it’s uses in the real world.

By the end of the lesson you will have created your first programme printing to the console. The lesson will end with a fun interactive quiz reflecting on lesson content.

Day 1 – Lesson part B – Input from the User and making Calculations

Learning Objectives: Using Scanner to take input from the user and how to make calculations using operatives.

Lesson breakdown: A demonstration of the Scanner class to input data from the user and operatives to multiply, divide, add and subtract values. As a class students will be given the time and set small tasks to write pieces of code that perform calculations.

Day 1 – Lesson part C – Conditional Statements

Learning Objectives: If else statements, nested if else statements, switch statements.

Lesson breakdown: The lesson starts demonstrating operators such as less than, greater than etc and how to code if else statements. Then students will work in pairs.

Students will be shown code and will work in pairs to code a short program using if else and the Scanner. A switch statement will be taught and incorporated into the program.

Day 1 – Lesson part D – Looping​

Learning Objectives: For loop, do loop, while loop, do while loop.

Lesson breakdown: The lesson explains the use of loops in completing repetitive tasks quickly. The concepts are explained with questions to reflect. By the end of the lesson students will be given the chance to write a short program.

Day 2

Day 2 – Array and Hangman game.

Learning Objectives: Arrays, looping through arrays, using an if else statement with the arrays. 

Lesson breakdown: The lesson explains the concept of arrays and looping through arrays to find a wanted value i.e a character. The majority of this lesson will be working towards making a hang man game. This will give the students the chance to put all of the skills they have learnt to good use and can take the game home or share on internet to try on family and friends.

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