Welcome to the Java Coding Suite, a classroom based course which uses interactive teaching technology to introduce students to java programming, an Object Orientated Programming language. According to the TIOBE index , java is the most popular programming language in the world and is an in demand skill.


If you have any queries feel free to contact me via meetup or email me using


You will need a Laptop and a charger. Plug sockets will be available.

This is ideal for a beginner, for those who want to start programming either for a change of career, to gain experience before starting a degree in Computer Science or just to learn a very useful skill. The level 1 course has been designed for absolute beginners but students must be computer literate.

The Level 2 course teaches object orientated concepts such as methods, objects, inheritance and more. It is the building blocks to how things work in java and is extremly valuable knowledge in learning more about the many tools which makes java so useful.

Lessons are structured in such a way to teach the concepts, build a program and then finish with a quiz. Educational technology such as Nearpod will be used to reflect on what you’ve learnt and then you’ll be taught step by step how to create a program by working in pairs. The aim is to have some code written before you go home.

The end of class quiz uses Kahoot an educational app that will have everyone in the room pulling out their phones and tapping for the answer in excitement. All of this is designed to promote active learning because we all learn more when we reflect on what has been taught through discussion with our peers, writing some code and by helping each other out.

This is a fantastic opportunity and could be your first step towards a new hobby or even a new career!


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